Agave spirit

Size: 130x200cm; 4.2x6.5ft 

Dyes: Jiquilitl (Indigo) and synthetic dyes

Material: Criollo sheep wool from Tenancingo

Master weaver: Mario Bautista Martínez


This rug, like the agave symbol it portrays, took a very long time to grow thread by thread powered by solely the sun's energy gathered from plants and animals from this land to patiently dye and weave the raw materials of our earth into a piece of art to enrich and lift our spirit. The agave plant, in this case Espadín takes up to seven years to grow and reach maturity, after that it shoots up a stalk towards the heavens, this stalk grows relatively fast, I bet you could see it growing day by day powered by the sugars accumulated over time in the heart of the agave. This is why Mezcal made in the slow handcrafted ways tastes the best and gives you the Mezcal high, it doesn't get you drunk but makes you magical. Well, so this rug, it helps you elevate your spirit to the cosmos with the sacred geometry that is depicted by oposing energies and forms that complement each other: the union of heaven and earth in the human experience.

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