Our story

We are a traditional Benizaa (Zapotec) family of weavers. Benizaa means "people from the clouds" in or native language which is known to us as Dixzaa meaning "words from the clouds". Our culture is most commonly known as Zapotec by the western world because it was the name given to us by the Mexica people that founded Tenochtitlan and later became known as the Aztec empire.

We live in the indigenous village of Xiguie'a (Teotitlán del Valle),  located in the Central Valley of Oaxaca, this region is one of the cradles of civilization. 

The products you see for sale are hand died and woven from 'criollo' native wool, carrying out the traditions of our ancestors. 

We also host guests in our airbnb and welcome you to join us to get to know our culture and learn more through a number of workshops, activities and tours on offer.