Xigaab galbain: Life meditations

60x100cm; 2x3ft 

Agave fiber dyed with only natural dyes hand woven on a Zapotec walking loom of the 16th century style using a 7 threads per inch harness. 

Woven by my auntie Maria Mendoza Contreras, a national award winner in textile weaving competitions. 

This piece is a reflection (literaly and geometrically speaking) of her life and trajectory as a weaver. My Auntie Maria lost her husband when he was in his early 50s, she struggled as a single mom to keep her young son in the right path after the death of my uncle Justino. But it was the ancient ritual of weaving ancestral symbols and patterns that kept the family centered and tied together. Her son Justino has become an accomplished weaver too, they both have won almost every award that is to be won in the craft scene in Oaxaca and across the country.  

Unfortunately their life path is tested again because a piece of their family land that they have kept in possession and took care for about 30 years was sold by their relative who married an outsider from our village, now they are in a legal battle to try to keep posesion of half of their home. You can feel auntie Maria stitching her life together to keep her view of life balanced and harmonious in the five directions, these stitching and balance shows in her unique design using ancient symbolism masterfully to express her self. 

Since the last few moths Maria and Justino haven't had any sales on these exquisite and collectible items. We hope to find someone that can add this beauty to their collection, please free free to share their story and artwork.

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