Gabino Barrera Poncho - Red

Our Goodfather Juan Gonzalez reached out to us after seeing our poncho post to help sell some of their woven creations. This is a classical Mariachi poncho that his father used to weave and his great grandparents too, this design is true to the style and proportions of those original ponchos of the early 1920s - 1940s when the first synthetic dyes were introduced to our village and México was experiencing a National and Cultural revolution.
Please, do yourselfe a favor and stop looking silly buying those mass produced fake Mexican blankets and fakebMexicanbPonchos for 5 de Mayo; you look ridiculous mofing our culture and heritage with your fake moustaches and ignorance. 😉😁🤠🌵🐎

Back in the days the patterns on our clothes told the whole ancestral lineage of our people and the visions of the future for ourselves and the community. These 1900's ponchos embraced the same idea and the more intricate they got the more they signified satus and wealth (sadly so) but also great achievements in the fight for freedom during the Mexican Revolution, our grandparents gave their lives so that we could retain our autonomy and ancestral lands. Only great leaders and captains wore the Eagle design poncho as it was since the ancient times with the eagle warrior outfit.
This is a time to drop our silly games and really stand up for freedom and justice. People were marching in LA to free our kids in cages, the news about the sexual abuse to our children and their parents is duscusting and traumatizing. If it were any other country the USA and their allies would have invaded them already and claim their natural resources as payment.
We come up north to do the work not so many are eager to do from farming and growing your food, cooking and serving, bringing music and dance and even our brightest Engineers and Scientists come to build this country only to be met with discrimination and utter abuse.
Our ancestors have been trading with the first nations as far up as Utah so in a strict sense we have ancestral right of pass to work and trade even before the USA dream was even conceived in someone's mind.
Put on your authentic Mexican poncho and join the cause.

This poncho has stripes with the smile pattern which remind us that laughing and smiling is the source of all healing; science confirms that when we smile our brain releases a cocktail of hormones and chemicals that are good for our health. 

The interlaced pattern is the pattern that we create when we hold each others hands in circle to create community. Having kept our ancestral land and a strong community are the biggest treasures our ancestors left to us; we manage the land as a community, we take care of the infraestructure needs of the village as a community. Our lives are richer and more meaningful because our hearts are within our community, actually the world for "town" literally means "my heart", laashaà. 

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