Baali shtiíli: Venus

Size: 105x238cm; 41x94 in; 3.4x7.8ft

Master weaver: Mario Bautista Martínez 

Materials and methods: criollo sheep wool hand dyed with natural dyes: Bèé (Cochineal) and Yauhtli (Tagetes Lucida) . Handwoven on a Zapotec style loom of the 16th century adapted from European styles. Woven using a 7 threads per inch reed and wool rayon blend for warp. 
Patterns and symbols: The eight pointed star represents Venus. The sun's cross represents the cycles of the sun; counting the middle the cross has thirteen square edges. Every eight cycles of the sun roughly corresponds to thirteen cycles of Venus and therefore they overlap in this design. Our ancestors kept the calendar of the Sun and  Venus and realised that every 52 years the calendars coincide perfectly and Venus appears exactly in the same spot in the Pleiads. They used this observation to make adjustments to their calendar counting system leading to a calendar system that has an error that is 10,000th of a day more exact than our standard modern calendar. 

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