Bèè shaa guiíba'a: a bug in the sky

Size: 60x100cm; 2.x3ft
Weaver: Justino Martínez Mendoza
Price: 250USD

Materials and methods: criollo sheep wool hand dyed with natural dyes: Beè (Dactylopius coccus Costa, cochineal) and Xiuhquilitl (indigofera suffroticosa) . Handwoven on a Zapotec style loom of the 16th century adapted from European styles. Woven using a 7 threads per inch reed and wool rayon blend for warp. 
Design, patterns and symbols. 

This rug is inpired from the ancient idea that this earthly existence is thanks to the balance of energies from the sky (blue from Indigo) and earth (red from cochineal) and that our role as humanity is to help maintain that delicate balance that makes life possible.

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