Beni guiea: flowered people

Size: 80x204cm; 31.4x80.3in; 2.6x6.6ft

Weaver: Mario Bautista Martinez 

Materials: worsted fine wools double ply and then plied manually again for a heavier rug. Dyed with cochineal and native indigo.

This rug represent the cycle of life of Nahuales, or Beni Guiea as we call them in Dixzaā language, you would understand it as shamans. All ancient governors in our culture were high Shamans trained in all the fine arts and advanced sciences of the time. The color red represents the blood of the earth necessary for life while the blue represents the cosmic elements needed for life on earth to be sustained. Effectively this rug represents a balance of heaven on earth, or may we say earth in heaven? The pattern is the Fononacci sequence which many ancient cultures have studied and described before him and is the basic principle of the golden ratio. Geometry and poetry marry in the language of weaving to paint the underlying principles of life and the long cycles of the cosmos.