Fandango wedding

Fandango Wedding.

Size: 60x100cm; 2x3ft 

Materials and methods: Hemp and agave warp. Criollo sheep wool, agave fibers, and henequen--all dyed with natural dyes. Turkey feathers were added for ceremonial touch. This rug was woven on a Zapotec walking loom of the XVI century style using a 7 threads per inch reed.

Weaver: Belén Bautista Ruiz

Patterns and symbols: this rug depicts the fire pattern in stripes that run along the width of the rug, knowledge and stories are shared around the fire either during cooking or after a long day at work and making a hot chocolate drink. There is also a smile pattern to remind us that laughing and smiling is the real source of healing. The main pattern is the life cycle pattern that comes from uniting the left and right hand at the fingers in a mudra like shape; this union represents the balance of the left (rubeæz) and right (nalií) side of our awareness. On one hand, the left side hosts the vital life force, our intuition and dreams that allow us to perceive the subtle energy of the world; words associated with "left" (rubeæz) are jaguar, frog toad, chilli seeds, testicles, incense holder-- all of these sacred animals and powerful substances or objects. On the other hand, the right side, hosts our logic awareness that allows us to understand the mechanics of life and the cosmos to produce language, music, maths, etc, this awareness is more linear in cause and effect and is associated to words like straightness, locks, keys, music, etc. 

This symbol is the perfect balance of the female and male energy and thus it is a perfect gift for a wedding, or anniversary gift. Each step represents a 13 year stage in the life cycle that is marked by a specific rituals from birth to death.




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