Gal Nazaá (The joy of life)

Size: 79 x 200 cm; 78.5 x 31 in;  2.5 x 6.5 ft.

Materials: criollo sheep wool and aniline dyes. 

Weaver: Dionisio

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This rug is festive rug that resembles thee music of weddings and the colorful fruits that we feast on when someone asks for the Bride's hand in marriage. Weddings are a big celebration in our culture, often 300 families will gather in community to help decorate, cook and serve the meals for each other. The spirit of community and fiesta is the essence of this rug and will bring color and joy to any space in your house. It is an idea size for under the sofa between a coffee table or right next to the bed. You can also drap it on a couch or hang it on a wall. 

The rug depicts the symbols of the smile in the stripes, followed by rows of mountains and the seeds of the milpa (corn, beans and pumpkin). The center figure has the Tobaco pattern with the eye of the feathered serpent in the middle 


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