Niis galnazaàk: water of abundance and nature's joy.

Size: 130x200cm; 4.2x6.5ft 

Weaver: Gutierrez family workshop

Criollo sheep wool hand dyed with aniline dyes and woven on a XVI century style Zapotec loom on 7 threads per inch reed. 

The pattern is based on the skin of Bealguiea, the feather snake. The diamons represent the union of heaven and earth and the balance of nahual and tonal awareness, intuition and logic. Each diamond carries a seed that we will plant in our fields to sustain our life on earth. The metaphore of the snake that descends from the sky with its tonge forked and branched with the lightning that announces the rains represents that union of heaven and earth, in our Dixzaa language we say seabi bealtea niss guiea to refer to the lighting hanging from the sky like heavenly snakes announcing a storm. Without this snakes from the heavens bringing rain, our seeds wouldn't sprout and thrive in this dry patch of land. 

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