Nis daou, Peaceful waters

Size: 83x157cm; 32x62in; 2.7x5.1ft 

Materials: criollo sheep wool milled in Tianguistengo, dyed at home with natural dyes.

Weaver: Rosa

Peceful waters means ocean in our Dixza language, this soft gradient of indigo dyes is relaxing and pleasing to the eye. The pattern is the eye of the Plumed Serpent woven with olive green and yellow dyed with Yauhtli (Tagetes Lucida), the olive green is achieved using naturally grey wool. Yauhtli is a sacred plant that produces visions (psychedelic) when smoked, the plant is also used as remedy for stomach pains and cramps like a wild chamomille. We recommend putting this rug on the flor and stepping on it barefoot as much as possible to absorb the medicine with the soul (sole) of your foot. The plumed serpent is a symbol of how heaven and earth meet in the human experience. 

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