Red agave

Ruúr duúv (Agave frame)

Size: 80x150xm 2.6x5ft

Criollo wool dyed with cochineal (red).

Weaver: Jacinto Gutierrez


This is a classic rug pattern that hasn't changed much for hundreds of years. It depicts a frame of agaves surrounding the eye of the feather snake--the diamond pattern. This is a ceremonial rug that brings the spirit of our land into your place. Agaves take at least 7 years and up to several decades to mature; at this point the plant shoots up a stalk called Quiote up to the sky. This is why the mezcal made with agaves elevates our spirit to the heavens. 

The eye of the feather snake represents the balance of the four types of awareness found in the human experience: Nahual (dreams, intuition); tonal (language, logic); snake (earthly) and bird (spiritual). When we balance these four awareness in our lives allows us to reach the feather snake state, a state where wisdom and love comes to us as represented by a butterfly in the center of the diamond. 

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