Shaana: my mother

Size: 75x110cm; 30x43in

Master weaver: Justino Martínez Mendoza

A collectors tapestry piece woven by my cousin Justino Martinez Mendoza using criollo sheep wool dyed with cochineal dyes. Justino is an multiple award winning weaver, his wall in the sacred room of his house is plastered with state and national awards, he is definitely a rising talent in the Zapotec weaving community. Many local rug dealers seek his work and international textile collectors are adding his weavings to their private collections.

This piece represents the fierce power of our mother's energy to bring us to life as shown with the image of the sacred Jaguar, the animal that sets the order int he cosmos. The spirit of the Jaguar inhabits the womb to protect the developing fetus and infuse the governing qualities in the the baby's spirit. The Jaguar will become the Nahual (animal spirit) of this baby and will protect him or her during life and will share the same destiny.  

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