Dixzaá: words from the clouds

Size: 95x134cm

Weaver: Luis Lazo

Materials and methods. Criollo sheep wool, fine yarns and details of hand spun silk from San Pedro Cajonos hand dyed with natural dyes: Xiuhqulitl (indigo), Zacatlaxcalli (Cuscuta tinctoria), Yauhtli (Tagetes lucida), Cempasuchitl, Beé (Cochineal), Yaagshií (Mule fat) and black sapote. Woven on a 10 threads per in reed on a Zapotec loom of the XVI century style using cotton warp. 

Design, Patterns and Symbols. 

This rug is inspired in the colors of the sunset, that time when the sky and earth touch in a brief kiss. The design came in a dream of Luis Lazo, he has won several awards with his weavings but this time he made a rug to teach his son the free style form of weaving in a way tha combines intuitive weaving and classical geometrical shapes; in this rug we can see how the more organic round shapes take over the classical Zapotec geometrical desings just like after sunset, our rubeæz awaeness (Nahual, intuitive, dream) take over our perception and takes us into the dream world. The patterns of nature that we learn in the day time will serve us as guides to navigate the ephimeral and non linearity of the spirit world; colors and shapes dissolve into their pure esscence so we can perceive energy in its more natural flow, not processed by the logical mind but by the feel of our intuition and inner knowldge. This is why we can never describe a dream using words because words do not belong in that realm, dreams are lot linear nor logical bu they have their own language that has a direct impact into the awake world. Zapotec kids grow up learning the language of the dream world and being initiated by their abuelas and mothers for whom every aspect of the dayly life can be linked to a momment in the dream state and viceversa. My mom still surprises me when something happens to someone in the family and she would recall a dream that warned her as a premonition, so some times she would just share with us her dreams as a guide to navigate this world. There are some spakled seeds of life woven as if they were stars in the dark night sky because, ultimately, this world is just a mirror of a creation that has already happened in a distant past when the cosmos exploded into a big bang and the stars are there as a testament of that distant past. 

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