Star conjunction

Star conjunction

Size: 64x103cm 25x40.5in

Master weaver: Justino Martínez

Price at check out shows in Mexican pesos.

Materials and methods: yute fiber hand dyed with xiuhqulitl (indigofera sufroticosa). Handwoven on a Zapotec style loom of the 16th century adapted from European styles. Woven using a 7 threads per inch reed and a wool blend warp. 


Desing, patterns and symbols.

This pattern represents the constellation of scorpio, in our calendar system there is a conjunction of Scorpio, Venus and the sunrise every 8 years of the sun calendar. Scorpions represent the medicine of the earth, a gentle reminder to pre present and pay attention to the path we walk and our surroundings, animals only bite us when we invade their spaces and when we are not paying attention to our surroundings.

The venus sign is the half diamond sets that makes the stripes at the begining and ending of the rug, this star represents Quetzal coatl's awareness, a life of balance between heaven and earth's energies. 

The sun is woven as a half spiky diamond and a sun cross in the center of the rug. We live in the era of the fifth sun, where people were made out of corn in order to let their spirits blossom and be a mirror of the gods. The fifth sun will end in February of 2079 to restart the solar cycle ones again. The sun being the main source of energy for life on earth, it is also the main source of awareness and spiritual connection.


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