Lightning and the eye of Quetzalcoatl

Size: 79cm x 147cm; 31 in x 58 in; 2.6 ft x 4.8 ft

Natural Dyes: Cochineal for wine red, red, and amaranth pink. Pecan husk for tan.

This is an ancient design that depicts a variation of the lightning symbol. The Benizaa people understood the power of lightning and it was often associated with the voice of the gods. The world for lightning is Gusiú’u. Farmers believe that with the first lightning storm of summer grasshoppers’ tiny eggs in the ground begin to hatch, and many trees begin to send new shoots to make the most of the rainy season. The voice of god commands the Benizaa people to prepare the land for the sowing of the corn.

The eye of Quetzalcoátl in this pattern consists of a Diamond within a diamond, within a Diamond in a fractal-like pattern that represents the ever expanding awareness of the universe. The diamond pattern represents the balance of the four types of energy that were used to create the universe; e.g. the four elements, the four seasons, the four directions, etc. We weave this diamond to remind ourselves that a balanced life and the equal use of the four types of awareness will allow us to see the world through the eye of Quetzalcoatl and receive wisdom. The four types of awareness are: 1) Nahual, the awareness of dreams and intuition. 2) Tonal, the awareness of language and logic. 3) Quetzalli, the spiritual needs and pursuits. 4) Coatl, the earthly needs and pursuits. 


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