The earth's energy lines

Weaver: Familia Gutierrez 

Size: 80x150cm; 31.5x59in; 2.6x5ft

Marerials: criollo wool dyed with anilines


It is believed that these energy lines converge at the tip of mountain ranges on sacred mountain tops like Dain Beaz,  The Jaguar Mountain (Monte Albán) or Huaxuacac, Oaxaca city itself which was founded under "El Cerro del Fortin" where a water spring is located under what is now La Iglesia de la Soledad. In our understanding of life we understand the importance of mountain ranges in the weather patterns and the energy interactions they create in the edges of ecosystems. Thanks to the Northern Sierra a lot of the humidity of the Cold fronts coming from the Gulf of Mexico gets trapped forming the cloud forests of the higher mountains. The mountain range also offers protection from hurricanes giving us just the "tails" of gentle rains. It is also the reason why the clouds move in a certain pattern around the vortex of the Central valley of Oaxaca. During the day it gets too hot here in the valley, thus hot air rises and pushes the clouds towards the northern mountains where it is cooler, then in the afternoon as it cools of the clouds return usually loaded with rain during the rainy season.
Today we celebrate the Sacred Mountains of our village, the main one is Quiea Lliea  Beatz, we will talk about these celebrations in future posts.

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