The three sister seeds

Size: 80x150cm 2.6x5ft 

Criollo sheep wool dyed with natural dyes: mainly indigo and cochineal. 

Weaver: Leonor Lazo

The three sister seeds to make milpa (corn, beans and pumpkin) are woven into a diamond pattern that comes from the skin of the rattle snake. The feather snake god went to the under world to steal the very first corn kernels from the ants; we know that snakes and ants often share their nests. Up to this day, farmers can predict rain patterns up to 8hrs in advance by looking at red ant activity. 

The eye of the feather snake diamond has a moth symbol in the middle to signify knowledge and wisdom brought by night and darkness. 

There are mile patterns to remind us that laughing and smiling is the source of true healing; plants and rituals are there to help us start the healing process and uplift our spirit but ultimately the healing comes from within. 

The mountain pattern is reminding us that mountains are the sacred elders of our planet and help us elevate our spirit to the sky while providing a lot of our earthly needs too. 


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