Tonalpohualli: a new beginning

Size: 60x100cm; 2x3ft

Master Weaver: Justino Martínez Mendoza

Materials and methods: criollo sheep wool, agave fibers and feathers hand dyed with natural dyes: Bèé (cochineal), Yagshi[i (seep willow),  Xiuhquilitl (indigo), Pericón (Tagetes lucida), Pecan Husks and Yabguù (Marigold). Handwoven on a Zapotec style loom of the 16th century adapted from European styles. Woven using a 7 threads per inch reed and wool rayon blend for warp.
Patterns and symbols.
The diamonds around the rug represent the eye of the Feathered snake (God's eye) this is a symbol that represents the balance of the four directions of the universe. This day and age calls for the great rebalancing of many aspects in the human society to find our true place in the web of life and the cycles of the cosmos. We need to equalize the power inflicted on many indigenous people who are still living in balance and feeding the life supporting systems of the planet. The center has different styles of the journey to discover our true face and true heart so that our spirit can flourish and sing to the universe, the curling of these patterns represents that inner journey. The rug is addorned with white turkey feathers to remind us of our spiritual connection with the stars in the universe. With the start of the new year all the indigenous people of the earth pay special attention to the constellations and weather patterns to get some guidance for the future. The first two years of the year were crispy and sunny then it started to get cloudy and cold and today on January 5th was raining in the evening, a great sign for a good rainy season in summer. It happens to coincide with a roughly 10 year cycle of lots of rain and even floods, we will see. 
The purchasing of this rug will greatly support Justino's wife, Belen, and her family who have endured a chain of COVID19 cases. Both of Belen's grand parents passed away and one of her uncles. Her sister and younger brother got infected too, even his brother who lives in the USA got infected at the same time. Today I accompanied Justino to buy medications for Belen's mom who is in delicate condition due to diabetes. Their brother has sent some money to pay medical bills for the family but they are in need  to buy more medication for Belen's mom, so if you are able to spare some dollars the family would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to Venmo any help to @SamBaLa specifying for Belen's mom. Let us face this difficult times bringing the best of ourselves in the true spirit of the warrior. Justino and I were chatting and noted that keeping our hands occupied de/husking the corn and weaving is the best medicine for those of us who are not compromised due to our age or health condition. Belen got through the COVID 19 infection by helping making canillos (bobins) of yarn for Justino's rug. 
Needless to say that we sanitize the rugs thoroughly with alcohol at 70% before shipping. 

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