Raffle ticket in support of Leonor's surgery

Price at check out shows in $350MXN pesos (about 20USD)

Dear online community and friends in the heart, we are gathering funds to pay for my mom's surgery likely to happen tomorrow. My mom had an emergency surgery in June 2022 due to a colon infection (diverticulitis). Then again in November 2022 she had another surgery to have her full colon removed and that is when we asked for you help and support too. Then she had a complication with her stoma around her colostomy bag in May last year, and she was doing so well and living a normal life again and regaining her strenght, but the last two weeks she has had a partial block in her stome due to a hernia and she needs surgery to correct that. We will be facing a medical bill that will be the equivalent of 3,000 USD to 8,000 USD depending on the complexity of the surgery and the after cacre needs/days at the hospital. Sincerely we are running low on savings due to a low turism season, and facing big expenses digging a well due to the ongoing draught in the state. It is hard to ask these days with so much going on in the world, a genocide in Gaza that has the survivors in starvation and so many people in need in many other countries. In fact, as I type this, there is a call to collect supplies in our village to send to the towns facing wild forest fires and having to control them themselves with basic tools and training.

This rug was woven by my cousin Justino Martínez, a master weaver in our village who has developed this technique to dye and paint the yarns as he weaves. The dyes were made with cochineal, oak galls and minerals; this rug is valued at 12, 000 ($714USD) pesos. For the price of $350 pesos  or (20USD) you will get a raffle ticket. 

I will announce the raffle as soon as I can after the surgery and when the time and space allows it.  

You can also buy a ticket by Venmo @SamBaLa

Or if you wish to make a larger donation you can do it by Zelle with my USA phone number  +1 657 859 0689

We also welcome any donations by paypal: https://www.paypal.me/samdixza or samuel.bautista.lazo@gmail.com 

I know many of you dear old friends and new ones have been touched by my mom's great and shiny spirit and big warm heart, she is the matriach of our home and the soul and heart of our family business, she is the real CEO. She is strong and determined to live and fight to live, but it will be a risky surgery and she is begining to feel sad about her current health battle, please keep her in your prayers for us, we would like to see her with us for as long as her body can sustain her beautiful and joyous spirit. 

Please share with your network of friends and family. I think I have been shadowbanned from sharing too much political content on my stories. 

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