Visions of the fifth direction 1

Weaver: Familia Gutierrez 

Size: 80x150cm; 31.5x59in; 2.6x5ft

Marerials: criollo wool dyed with anilines.

Our rug #weavingtradition is alive and #vibrant , we are not static in time or stagnated in a particular style or form. The Gutierrez family takes pride in exploring and creating new patterns and styles rooted in tradition that have spread among other weavers within our village. This #pattern is a play on the #Quincunce, the fifth pointed cross that finds its center in the balance and harmony of the four directions. Our ancestors understood that the perfect balance of elements, for instance, earth, fire, water and wind; create the fifth element: steam. We use this understanding to carry on the #temazcal #healing ritual and architecture in which the four elements dance to create the steam that will transfer that plants medicine into our bodies. The buildings in the sacred site of Dain Beaāz (#MonteAlban) are arranged in this way honoring the fifth direction. In fact, I have the hypothesis that the buildings of Liuū Baà (#Mitla) were also giant temazcal chambers were our ancestors did #groupceremonies and #visionquest.
I often tell people, you don't need #drugs to have #visions, just #stare at our rugs long enough 😉
May this time of #covid19 and #slowingdown bring much needed #introspection into what is important in our #lives. Let's remember that #death is our best #advisor. It is only when we think that we are going to #liveforever that we take the luxury of wasting our energy and time in activities that don't feed and uplift our spirit. #Now is the time to let our spirit #flourish.

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