Beaz guie'a: water lily Jaguar

Size: 81x121cm; 32x47.6in

Materials and methods: criollo sheep wool hand dyed with colorfast aniline dyes in exhaustive dye vat. This tapestry work was handwoven on a Zapotec walking loom of the 16th century style using a 7 ends per inch reed.

Weaver: Gabino Ruiz B.

The sacred Jaguar reoresents the Beæz energy that connects us to nature through our intuition and to the spirit world through our dreams, this energy is hosted on the organs on the left side of our body. This water lily jaguar is depicted with the sacred water lily plant that allows us to communicate with the Jaguar in the spirir world.

We recommend hanging this rug in your ritual space or wearing it over the shoulders during meditation or ceremonies or drape it over your blankets at night to call the Jaguar spirit and teachings into your dream world. The Jaguar is an endengered animal in the Anahuac (American) continent and it is the largest cat roaming these lands connecting South America with North America and influencing all cultures in its range. Part lf the problem with the USA-Mexico wall being pushed by the Trump administration is that it will isolate the northern population from the rest of the corridor. Please consider supporting the Jaguar's habitat and freedom. You can learn more at as an example of the work being done to protect them. 






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