Crescencio: the seer rug

Rug size: 31.5x55in 80x140cm 

Colors: cochineal (dark red and pink) indigo (blue and blue-gray)

Price: $420USD or equivalent currency.

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This is a wool rug designed by Samuel and signed with his native name (3 deer, 5 rain). Samuel and his mom worked together to make this rug for a custom made project that had an unexpected turn; the customers came to visit and fell in love with a old vintage rug laying around the house. So now it is looking for a new home. 

The design is inpired on the legend of Crescencio a Nahual who live in our village in the 1900's during the time of the Mexican revolution. Crescencio had the power to transform himself into an eagle to spot the govermnent troops, then he could transform into a tornado to confuse the enemy and scare the horses. He would then lead his men to win victory after victory to protect our land and steal food and money to give to the poor. I understand that tales and stories should not be understool literally, they are told to us in a poetic language and since we are small kids. I believe that humans have the capability to communicate and fine tune with animals, maybe Crescencio didn't literally transform himself into an Eagle but he could communicate with eagles and see directly through their eyes. Or maybe he was just really good at understanding "bird language" as it is taught in nature schools or as it is still practised by many indigenous groups.

The center of this rug has the Eye of the Feather Snake symbol, the diamond with its four corners represent the balance of the four awareneses that are represented un our body. The navel is the center that unifies this forces. From the navel up, we have the bird energy: the spiritual energy of humans. Think of the heart, the brain and the pituitary gland as organs that create thoughts, emotions, dreams and intuitions that can shape the world even though these are intangible things. As much as we inherit DNA we also inherit thoughts, dreams and emotions through stories, that is the spiritual realm of humanity. From the navel down, we have the snake energy that ground us to the world. The snake are the elders of the planet and walk with their full body on the ground, they represent the earthly energy and needs that ensure survival. Think of the kidneys working to maintain the overall fluid balance in our bodies and filtering waste materials. Our reproductive organs and our legs ensure survival and reproduction of our species, we think on our feet to think faster and hunt on the land. The left side of our body is called the Nahual side while the right is called the Tonal. I think of this as the specialized right and left side of the brain. For our ancestors, the Nahual awareness was everything we couldn’t describe precisely with logic and words, for them their dreams were as real as this world that we could see and touch and actually developed special techniques to master their awareness in the world of dreams. The Tonal side is the world of language and logic, in this real our ancestors also excelled, creating a beautiful tonal language that encrypts a lot of knowledge and wisdom. They also understood the mathematical cero and created one of the most precise calendar systems. In fact, John D. Barrow in his book of Nothing praises the ancient calendar and points out that it was so precise in the accounting of time that it took moderns astronomers using high computing power and precise atomic clocks to realize that the calendar system makes a mistake of 0.019 splits of a second per year. When we use our four types of awareness in a balanced way we can see the world through the eye of the feather snake and achieve great feats.

The found symbols in the corners is what I have come to call the cycle of life of a warrior, a warrior embraces death not as something to be feared but as a natural duality of life. While embracing death we become more present and live our lives in the present; instead of shifting from worrying about the past of the future like the Buddhist teach us. The ancient cultures of Anahuac had public, free mandatory schools that their children had to attend. In one of these schools they were taught the way of the warrior: there are many rites of passage and tests they had to pass, too long to elaborate here, however I would like to point out to a few. First is learning how to grow your own food and hunt, then doing long walks and pilgrimages, then using sacred plants, then mastering the art of dreaming and finally being put to test in life and death situations. Young men and women became warriors when they could face death with a true face and a true heart; if you think about it and remember the stories of survival, in life and death situations humans, if they are grounded they bring the best of themselves and could achieve great feats and acts of generosity. Imagine if we were all trained to achieve those states from a young age.

This rug is a perfect gift for young people and anyone going through a personal struggle in life, it is a reminder of the medicine within. I recommend putting this on the floor in the bedroom, bathroom or somewhere where you could be walking on it barefoot so that the sole of your foot absorbs its medicine. Follow up the reading with the four agreements book by Don Miguel Ruiz and the Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda. They both derive the knowledge from an ancestral body of wisdom that we call Toltecayotle, a balanced way of life. But don’t be caught in the surface of knowledge, like it happened to people in the 60s after reading the teachings of Don Juan and wanting to do peyote ceremonies every weekend. Use indigenous knowledge appropriately and with respect, these patterns are universal and are always speaking to us, the sacred geometry in our DNA is shared and if we treated as sacred it will unveil itself to us all.

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