Nasaàtea Shaa Guiíbaà- The sky is really happy

80x150xm 2.6x5ft

Criollo wool dyed with native indigo (jiquilite)

Weaver: Cristina Domínguez

This rug depicts the cycle of water: river patterns at the bottom, blue mountains that bring the rain for our milpa seeds (corn, beans and pumpkin) to grow in our fields. There is a blue eye of Bealguie'æ (Quetzalcoatl, the feather snake) in the middle to represent the ancient ghost dance taught by the feather snake, an ancient dance that survives as the feather dance in our tradition. When we dance we pray for the rains to fall on our land; in this way, we establish a direct connection between heaven. and earth. When the rains fall it doesnt only make our corn grow but it also feeds our spirit; it is as if there is an umbilical cord woven from our bodies right through the land, the milpa and up to the sky in tune with the water cycle.

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