Xiguiea - Teotitlan del Valle

Size: 2x3m; 6.5x10ft

Criollo sheep wool dyed with Anilines woven by José León, a young weaver who embarked on weaving large rugs early on and is moving towards weaving more intricate designs. He showed up to our house yesterday offering his latest creation at a discounted price because business is low, I told him I might be able to sell his rug online so here it is! Support our young weavers and buy native made rugs, not IKEA's rugs that steal our patterns and symbols.

In this rug we have the smile pattern that is woven in there to remind us that laughing and smiling is the source of all healing. Then a mountain pattern, mountains are the natural altars of the planet, they help us elevate our bodies and spirit towards the heavens. Then we have the first section with Agave patterns on the side, we consider agave the Queen of all plants because it gives us fiber, food and spirit (Mezcal). This first section also has a diamond stripe that represents the path of the flowered serpent (Quetzalcoatl) towards the flourishing of the spirit. There is a lot of seeds dotted around this section that represent all the seeds that nourish our bodies, we make milpa with corn, beans and squash; but we also plant superfoods in between, i.e. amaranth, chia seeds, chillies and flowers in what was the very firs food forests of the continent. The center pattern in this first section represents the moth that flies at night, reminding us of the wisdom and learning that comes with night and dark times.  The next row is the life cylce pattern that I talk about in my youtube videos. The pattern in the center has a lyfe cycle symbol that can be seen in the walls of the church of our village, our ancestors left them there to remind us of our true face and our true heart. It is the life cycle of a nahual (a wise woman or man) that has united the spiritual world and the material world and can communicate with the great spirits in the sky, the plants and animals on the earth and the minerals and fungi in the underworld. 

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