Niis galnazaak: water is life

Size: 60x175cm; 2x5.7ft 

Weaver: Jose Luis Lazo, 12 years old

Price: $420USD

Materials ans methods: criollo sheep wool hand dyed with Xiuhquilitl (indigo), Yauhtli (tagetes lucida) and Béé (cochineal).  A little bright blue dyed with aniline dyes. Handwoven on a Zapotec style loom of the 16th century adapted from European styles. Woven using a 7 threads per inch reed. 

Design patterns and symbols.

With the end of the dry season and the first signs of a wet year with showers in February and April Jose Luis wove two rugs with indigo dyed blue to celebrate "flowering water", the way we call rain in Dixzaa language "niís guieæ". Water is life and the rains of May bring many seeds to life, those seeds are woven in the rug in rows of dots. The rug is comprised of different stripes of pattern representing water in different forms: river, rain and liquid blue. There are smile patterns woven in blue, stripes of yellow that represent the sunshine 

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